Ways Keep Your Car Cool

    Let us beat summer, and we all love summer but it is still not enough reason to have that scorching sun become too hazardous in our vehicles. The inside of your vehicle can be on average be up to nearly 25 to 35 degrees warmer compared to the air outside depending on how warm, humid or sunny it is outside.  

    Especially when sealed uptight, the interior of your car will trap the warm air and continue to heat up. It is true that animals or children are in danger if you leave them in your car. However, if you want your car cooled in a fast manner after a long day at work, then here are some ways to keep your car cool enjoy your every trip 

     Turn Your Car Around 

    Even if it is not possible to park in the shade, you can always turn your car around so that most of the sunlight will go into the back portion of your car to restrain you from touching a hot steering wheel or seat when you enter your car.  

    Especially in the warmest part of the summer, if possible, park your car so that it will be in the shade or in a parking garage. You can also move your car during the day to make sure that it is always in the shade or run the AC a bit to help in the cooling process. 

    Cover Your Windows 

    Tinting your vehicle window is a good way to keep the interior part of your car much cooler, whether you take your car in for someone out apply a tint or do it yourself. Research is advised because some states have policies on how dark your tint must be. 

    You can make your own cover using old cardboard or boxes, but it is really advantageous to invest in some shade covers for your car’s windows such as tinting. Thankfully, there are many windows tinting services available such as that offers professional services as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. 

    Putting some wet beach towels over your seat cover will help absorb and beat the heat in your car. You can also create ventilation by leaving at least two windows open crack or opening vents to ensure air circulation. To allow some air to circulate, you can tilt your sunroof. Make sure that you do not allow any rain to get in your vehicle by ensuring that the sunroof is not tilted too much. 

    Invest in Cooling Seat Cover 

    Cooling seat covers are available and they come in a variety of designs. Especially for cars with leather sheets, they can be a great option as they form a barrier of cooling gel between the hot leather and you. If your car is equipped with AC, then you can simply blast the AC as soon as you get in your car when all else fails. You can also enable this to cool your car faster if your car has the re-circulate feature.